Keeping This Blog Up!

As it’s 11 pm on a Sunday, I was thinking about this blog and how I haven’t written in a while, a little over 11 months exactly. I just wanted to keep this blog up and with what I am going to do with it! It’s going to be easier now that I don’t have a word count to tend to every week, and now I feel like I can just post whatever I want! I probably will keep this updated with makeup and style quickies, hacks, DIYs, crafts, my life (when something occasionally happens), and just all that jazz!


Last week, my dad was taking me back home from the doctor’s office and he asked me a question I should’ve known the answer to. “What are you thinking about doing in a year?” It never occurred to me that my life was about to drastically change in around one whole year. I said “I don’t know I’ll probably go to Kirkwood [our local community college] for my Pre-Law degree, then Iowa after that…” I honestly just pulled something out of my ass at that point, because I am a 12 year old in a 17 year old’s body. It really occurred to me I don’t know what I am doing with my life, I know I wanted to go into cosmetology, then I wanted to go into law, and it was just back and forth from there. I always found it really hard for me to try and make up my mind about this, I always thought “oh yeah I only have a couple years left of high school I don’t have to really think about this until my junior year. And here we are, my junior year, still not having a clue with what I am doing.

So, after being at home sick for another day, I really thought to myself, “what the hell am I getting myself into?” If you really think about it, both things I wanna do will take longer than I thought, because there is no way in hell I am just going to cosmetology school for 1 year then later on in life not being able to do anything because I don’t have a degree in anything else. THEN, I thought “wow! Being a lawyer would be great!” yeah, but law school sucks, trust me I asked my uncle. I can never figure out what I can do to find something I like.

Then, I was like what are my friends doing? They all have their lives figured out, they want to go into nursing, political science, communications, journalism. I’m over here running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I was like “ooo I like to write” and “ooo I can communicate with others (barely but just enough to get by)”.

I came to the conclusion the other day about how I shouldn’t have my life figured out by my junior year in high school. I know that I want to go to college, because having a 4 year degree is equivalent to having a GED nowadays. I believe that if I pay to go to college I want what my degree is worth.

Project Runway: Rainway

While starting my Project Runway obsession this past week and the challenge on this episode was to create an avant garde design that reminds you of the Samsung Curve TV and something that reminds you of rain. Most of the designers came up with crazy designs ranging from a skirt that reminds you of an umbrella to a rainbow striped romper with a clear raincoat over the top of it. The models walked on the “rainway” which means there was water resembling rain coming out of hoses on top of the ceiling. My favorite was by my favorite designer on the show, Sean. His dress was white with white piping filled with powdered dye, so when the model walked the colors would run through the dress after mixing with the water. During the judging part of the show, Sean won and Fade went home.

PollEpisode8Season13Alexander designed the top left dress, and I believe that the dress deserves waaay more credit than it deserved.

Amanda, a former participant on Project Runway Season 11, designed the top middle dress, although it wasn’t my favorite and started to fall apart.

Char designed the top right dress and was safe and moved onto the next challenge, the judges thought she really captured the innovation of the challenge.

Fade was the designer of the dress in the middle, his dress wasn’t anything compared to his previous works.

Kini was the designer of the umbrella dress next to it, which also won in the round.

Korina made the space-y one in the bottom left corner, that was one of the bottom 3 looks, and she would have been eliminated except she had immunity.

Shadya made the rainbow jumpsuit with the clear pinwheel jacket, which was safe and the judges loved it.

And the winner, Sean, made the one in the bottom right corner. I loved this and the concept. The colors compliment the model, but still stayed simple and true to his style.


Conspiracies of the Ruling Class

For AP Lang, we were instructed on finding a non-fiction book from the past year, 2015-2016. After spending 2 hours at Barnes and Noble trying to find a book that sparked my interest and met all the requirements I found Conspiracies of the Ruling Class: How to Break Their Grip Forever by Lawrence B. Lindsey. This book is about the corruption of the United States Government over the past 20 years.

Lawrence B. Lindsey is a master economist who has served three presidents including Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush. Lindsey earned his PhD and his masters at Harvard University, where he later became a professor in economics. He has earned many awards also including the National Tax Association Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in 1985.

The book starts of with Lindsey telling his story of how he got involved with finding a job in the government and what he experiences as he goes along. He talks about how his fellow employees would do anything they could to get their way to pass a local bill. As the book goes on Lindsey compares the new “rulers” to those of Ancient China and past American Government officials. This book is really interesting showing an honest opinion of someone who is in the American Government talk about what they do an how they could notice themselves changing with their job. Although I have not made it very far into the book, it is a really good read and I would recommend it to someone with interests of going into government practices.

Review of The 1975’s New Album

One of my favorite bands, The 1975, released their second album “I like it when you sleep, for you are beautiful yet so unaware of it” late February. After listening it to it since early this morning, I decided to review it. All of the songs on this album are great and I recommend it to someone who really likes weird sounds, sad, relatable lyrics, and something really different!

The 1975

Not to be confused with their other song that is also the first song on their self titled album. This song provides everything you want it to when you think of soft music. There are barely any lead vocals on the track and shows off a lot of harmonies that become apparent in the album.

Love Me

This song has a weird groove to it, but is incredibly catchy. This was their first single from this album. This song doesn’t let down when you’re looking for something to dance to in your room alone.


UGH! has the weird grooves of Love Me, but definitely as in your face. Although, if you read many posts from other bloggers and actually read what the song is about it really contradicts what kind of sound is being produced and the lyrics that are being sung.

A Change of Heart

One of the couple ballads on the album (which to my surprise I don’t mind considering I don’t really like slow music)… This track sounds like the end of a cliche teen movie where the guy and the girl end up together and take a night drive in the guy’s red 1950’s Camaro. Although, the meaning of this song is the exact opposite of it!

She’s American

Definitely a great tune, definitely a chill song. This is definitely apart of my top 5 on this album, I sing it so loud alone in my car.

If I Believe You

Okay, low key I admit that I actually started listening to this song because some of the lyrics are incredibly random. After I looked up the lyrics and actually started to understand what Matt Healy was saying they played a big part to tie the whole song together. This track is like soft jazz tempo. Not fast enough to be a fast song, but not slow enough to be a ballad? This song is my favorite song on the album by far. It’s the best 6 minutes and 20 seconds you will listen to.

Please be Naked

Another ballad on the album, this song is soft with barely to no vocals at all. This is definitely a rainy day drawing song. This song is so relaxing, it has light wind chimes during the middle of the song. This song doesn’t get appreciated enough honestly.


100% the same pace as “If I Believe You”. It is my second favorite song on this album and I think it has enough potential to be their next single. The end of the song is just a synthesizer and is so calming.

The Ballad of Me and My Brain

I don’t really have an opinion on this song… It’s either a bop or not honestly…

Somebody Else

This song makes me want to read a book and sit in a windowsill on a rainy day. This song is the epitome of break-up song, it talks about how they find it hard for their old partner to be seen with someone else and even though they don’t love each other anymore, it’s still hard. “Our love has gone cold. You’re intertwining your soul with somebody else.” Is a good example of how they feel. I think that this song is one of the most beautiful songs on the album.

Loving Someone

Really definitely one of the most innovative tracks ever to be sang, this song talks about how the media influences society today. It talks about how the media uses sex to influence our generation on what is cool and mainstream. The track also talks about how there is a hetero-normative in the mainstream media.

I like it when you sleep, for you are beautiful yet so unaware of it

The album titled song definitely has the longest name and the longest runtime on the whole album, six minutes and 26 seconds! This track has very minimal lyrics, and when they are there they are softly sung not to distract from the music itself. This song reminds me a lot of The 1975’s track Menswear (which is an all time favorite), this is really to me what I think of when I think of The 1975. Really great tune.

The Sound

Ironically, this song reminds me a lot of Parks and Recreation characters Ron Swanson and his ex-wife Tammy 2. Who got divorced, because she was insane and continued to hang around Ron to ruin his life, and every time she was near him he could sense that she was there. Other than this song reminding me of a terrible relationship on a fiction-comedy show then this song is definitely something that gets more credit.

This Must Be My Dream

The beginning starts kind of girl-band-pop music, but then comes into some really woke lyrics. I really like this song, 10/10 would recommend.


Paris sounds like a lively upbeat song, but the song really shows the truth behind drugs, relationships, and commitment. This song talks about the person having “two left feet” meaning they just go in circles and repeat the same life choices over again. It also talks about the woman being upset because she had to miss a party because her friend was cutting her wrists… It continues to say that “[…] we are all the same, what a shame” meaning that we all have things that make us different, that make us the same.


Nana is a song about Healy’s deceased grandmother, this song is really relatable to people who have lost someone close to them in their lives. Nana includes touching lyrics such as “if I live past 72, I hope I’m half as cool as you” and “it’s not the same when I scratch my own head”.

She Lays Down

This is by far one of my favorite songs on the albums, this song really struck me when I first started listening to the album. I originally thought that the song was really sweet and soft, but I looked up the lyrics and began to cry. This song talks about Healy’s mother’s battle with postpartum depression. It talks about how when he would go to sleep, his mother would begin to cry and stunned that she doesn’t love him. In the second to last verse he sings about how after all this time she chose cocaine and it didn’t help. The very last line “That was it”, after a unsettling pause, really leaves it up to the listener to interpret what that means. I have read articles where it means that that is how he feels and that is his life story and his feelings, others I have read where that is the end of the album, and finally how “that was it” was when he knew that that was the track for the album.

You can find the album on Spotify, Apple Music and at your local Target!